Thursday May 26, 2016

Jelena is about to retire, but she let me shoot a bunch of sets of her for one last time.  Here is a teaser image from those new shots.  More teasers to come.  

Featuring: Jelena
Tuesday May 24, 2016

I never thought to shoot in a public park in LA.  Yes, its illegal, but you can find private parts to shoot in.  Shooting with Ashlee outside was great, she was totally down to break the rules.  And being in LA in the spring when things were blooming was great.  This shot is just a teaser but there are more to come. 

Featuring: Ashley
Monday May 23, 2016

You have seen the bts video from this set of Justine and Evelyn in bed HERE.  Now to look at all the images from the set.  Justine and Evelyn have such good chemistry together, and the stockings that they wear through the whole set is so sexy.  check it out.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Justine
Friday May 13, 2016

Porcelain is one hot lady, and I'm so lucky that I got to shoot her.  You will love this set of her in a this vintage lingerie that she takes off outside.  

Featuring: Porcelain
Thursday May 12, 2016

I started following Ana on IG and fell in love.  She is such a beauty I really wanted to work with her.  I contacted her and she was down to shoot. I think she might be even more lovely inside than outside, she was such an amazing sweet hear to shoot with and I lve all my new pics with her.  This is just a teaser but more to come soon.  

Featuring: Ana
Wednesday May 11, 2016

Shooting Justine and Evelyn together was so much fun.  Justine requested to work with Evelyn and you can really see how much chemistry they have together in this behind the scenes video. Watch it.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Justine
Tuesday May 10, 2016

I met and shot with Sarah 6 years ago and we re-met to shoot again recently.  She is just as sexy if not more then I remember.  Here is just a teaser, more to come.  

Featuring: Nicotine
Monday May 9, 2016

Sinnamon is one sexy curvy lady. I almost forgot about this set that I shot of her awhile ago, but here it is. In a purple teddy outside. So good. 

Featuring: Sinnamon
Friday May 6, 2016

I got to shoot with Lexi just the once and got 2 very amazing and fun sets with her.  This is the second one, as she starts in a yellow dress and ends up completely nude with just heals on on and around this staircase.  You can watch the behind the scenes video HERE, but don't forget this amazing set.  

Featuring: Lexi
Thursday May 5, 2016

I have ben friends with Jelena for years and the last few times we have hung out together we don't even shoot together.  But this last trip to LA she came out of "retirement" to shoot with me again.  I had so much fun working with her again and we got this amazing outside location through a friend.  And this fun set was with roller skates and my rainbow filter.  More to come. 

Featuring: Jelena
Wednesday May 4, 2016

You have seen the set of Cassidey and Kayla HERE.  Now watch the behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Cassidey, Kayla
Tuesday May 3, 2016

Charlotte is always so much fun to work with.  She is so all american and super sexy.  I can't wait to show you all the rest of the new shots of her.  

Featuring: Charlotte
Monday May 2, 2016

Shooting with Jade years ago for Penthouse and 2 of the sets I got to keep. Here is one of the sets with Cherry lingerie and a looking at herself in the mirror.  The say 2 is better than one, right?

Featuring: Jade