Friday March 24, 2017

Yes, this set is from a while ago, but so worth visiting again.  There are photos from this set in my book, Dirty Girl Collection, but here is the full set.  And its so good.  Justine at her most classic. 

Featuring: Justine
Thursday March 23, 2017

Shooting with these two was way too much fun.  The laughs in between all the sexiness!! Sapphire and Nasty have been friends forever and I have know them for a while but we all never thought to shoot together till now.  And it was way worth the wait.  More to come.  

Featuring: Nasty, Sapphire
Monday March 20, 2017

Kayla-Jane is so sexy and fun.  I only got to shoot with her once, but we got 4 amazing sets.  This sexy simple little red sweater is so good.  You will love every photo, check it out.  

Featuring: Kayla-Jane
Friday March 17, 2017

I only got to shoot with Apathy once, but it was so much fun.  This set starts in latex and ends with just heals, fully naked in front of this old garage door.  

Featuring: Apathy
Monday March 13, 2017

I shot this so long ago I wasn't sure if I even liked this set.  Now that I edited it, I love it.  Darenzia is very sexy, but the images are very quite and soft.  You feel like you're really in bed with her.  And the monkeys at the end, you have to see them.  

Featuring: Darenzia
Friday March 10, 2017

Nasty is not nasty. She is beautiful, smart and creative. And her butt is amazing.  Look at more of her butt in this full set.  

Featuring: Nasty
Monday March 6, 2017

Who doesn't love old wood paneling?  Its so classic and yet very dirty 70's basement.  And then shooting two sexy ladies with red heels on naked with this wood paneling is the best. Evelyn and Ivory make this look so good in the easiest way. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Ivory
Friday March 3, 2017

I love this set so much, Ana is so magically perfect.  Her lingerie matches the pool and a sun shower happened while we were shooting.  I couldn't plan this any more perfectly then it is.  Enjoy this beautiful woman in these super sexy photos.  

Featuring: Ana
Monday February 27, 2017

Years ago I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii with 4 gorgeous models.  Aria and Heather were two of these lovely ladies.  And shooting sexy ladies naked on a beach is such a dream come true.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Aria, Heather V
Friday February 24, 2017

Working with Syd was a laugh and a giggle.  I only shot with her once, but it was so much fun.  We shot two amazing sets and this was is a barrel full of monkeys.  Jumping around and looking tough and sexy all at the same time.  

Featuring: Syd