Friday November 1, 2013

Here is a very sexy set of Krista, which I tried shopping around to a mag but instead I only get to share with you here.  Its the last set I have of Krista, but it was well worth the wait to share.  Krista is one sexy lady, check out all these pics.  

Featuring: Krista
Monday October 22, 2012

This is one sexy set of Krista outside.  She is all tan, besides her tan lines and the bikini and heels she is wearing make it ever more sexy.  Check it all out.  

Featuring: Krista
Thursday February 9, 2012

Krista always looks good in front of my camera, including laying on the hardwood floor.  More to come.  

Featuring: Krista
Thursday December 29, 2011

Krista is such a sexy lady.  I was lucky enough to shoot her years ago and then this summer we shot for Playboy tv.  Then I asked if she was cool to shoot with me again for, and she was down.  She figure looks better then ever and she had this great tan from the summer.  More to come.  

Featuring: Krista
Friday January 15, 2010

Here is my very last set of Krista Anye.  So sad, I wish I could shoot her again, but she has retired from shooting naked photos.  Really too bad, cause she is such a sexy lady.  But this set was worth the wait. 

Featuring: Krista
Monday July 6, 2009

Krista is such a natural beauty.  Its really great that she even lives in NYC so I can get my hands on her and use her or fun projects, like when I shot Ariel, Justine and her at the Box. SHe let me dress her in layered bras and fishnets.  Such a sexy set.  

Featuring: Krista
Monday May 18, 2009

I have only a couple sets of the very sexy Krista-Ayne.  This one is all about this white lace bra and the sun coming in thru the blinds.  She wears a cowboy hat and even shows you her booty. 

Featuring: Krista
Tuesday April 21, 2009

Frank 151 is just about to come out with their Erotica issue who the one and only Lysa Cooper art directed.  It is an amazing issue, as I received some early copies.  Naked ladies galore.  I had teh pleasure to shoot my first real suspension story with Justine Joli, Ariel, Nicole, Darenzia and Krista-Ayne.  It was styled by Kate Erwin, make up by Mizu, hair by Alison McClellan and location and bondage bed owned and made by Sullivan Walsh.  This is a special set for members with out takes that aren't in the magazine.  But if you want to get a copy of the mag stop by the Chop Shop in a couple weeks and they will have plenty.  

Featuring: Ariel, Justine, Darenzia, Nicole, Krista
Friday February 20, 2009

I asked if Krista Ayne would wear one of her boyfriends dress shirts and go out in her hallway.  She wanted to make sure none of her neighbors were walking by, as she was naked under the shirt.  She gives us the occasional peek at her perfect boobs.  

Featuring: Krista
Friday November 21, 2008

Fleshbot is doing "Gratuitous Nude Photo" posts with some of the images I have and I'm going to post here on Stagg Street.  It is super nice of them to use my images.  Here is the set from the photo they used yesterday.  Krista is so smoking hot, you're going to love this set.  


Featuring: Krista