Monday October 11, 2010

I love shooting beautiful girls outside naked and making out, grass stains.  And Asa and Renee are so hot together.  These are out takes from our shoot in Penthouse.  Super sexy set. 

Featuring: Renee, Asa
Friday April 9, 2010

This is my favorite set from the day I shot with Renee and Asa.  They look so sexy in bed together taking each others bikinis off.  Plus while their were naked a bit of real sex happened.  Its pretty hot.  

Featuring: Renee, Asa
Friday January 1, 2010

Renee look so sexy in this brown tank top and no panties.  So simple and sexy.  Check out this set and her whole peek a boo show. 

Featuring: Renee
Thursday August 20, 2009

These two girls are so sexy together.  I love looking at Renee peaking around Asa's hips at my camera as she pulls her panties off.  Renee looks like she is being sneaky but wanting me to watch her undress Asa.  And you can tell Asa loves it.

Featuring: Asa, Renee
Monday August 3, 2009

I shot Jelena and Renee together when we were taping The Stagg Party.  It was my first time shooting Renee and Jelena's first time shooting with her too.  They look so good together, these sexy brunettes in white lingerie and their light glow of of there warm skin.  Super sexy set.  

Featuring: Renee, Jelena
Thursday June 18, 2009

I only got to shoot one G/G set when I was in LA, with Asa and Renee.  These two girls looked so great together and I think it was a fun day for all.  We shot a whole set on my friends bed at his parents house, and he walked in saying all his childhood fantasies had came thru.  Two naked girls messing around on his old bed, he called me his "fairy godmother of erotica".  It was one of the nicest things some one had said to me in a while, love the name.  

Featuring: Asa, Renee
Tuesday April 7, 2009

I shot Renee and Jelena on the same day, but had to shoot Renee by herself.  I shot them for The Stagg Party, and it was the first time I met Renee.  She is so petite and cute, with this very sexy side.  I can't wait to shoot her again.  

Featuring: Renee
Thursday December 4, 2008

Renee went to put her clothes back on and I ask her to stop with just the tank she walked in with.  It is too short to be a dress, but just long enough to show off her cute pink parts.  

Featuring: Renee
Tuesday November 25, 2008

I shot Renee for the first time when we were filming for The Stagg Party over the summer.  I got to shoot her with the incredibly big breasted Jelena.  The shoot was funny cause I realized i was wearing the same dress I wore a year earlier while shooting Jelena (which is on my bio pic on this site) ha ha ha.  This is a super hot set, with these 2 girls who met with for the first time during this shoot.  Instant chemistry.  

Featuring: Renee, Jelena
Wednesday October 8, 2008

I shot Renee Perez and Jelena Jensen in LA last time I was there.   We got a great hotel room, to shoot all over.  These 2 beautiful ladies had never shot together before and the chemistry was great between the 2.  

Featuring: Jelena, Renee