Friday December 25, 2009

I have never seen assless dresses before until Courtney and Shelby wore theirs for me.  There was something so sexy about a dress that is skin tight latex covering everything but their cute butts.  You can even see them on my IFC documentary show, but this sets is also just as steamy hot.  

Featuring: Shelby, Courtney
Friday May 1, 2009

These shoes look painful, and not something I could ever where.  But Courtney and Shelby are pros at it.  You can even see them walk in them during The Stagg Party on  And here is the set from that episode.  Painful and hot.  

Featuring: Shelby, Courtney
Tuesday December 2, 2008

I have shot Courtney a handful of times and she keep telling me about her friend Shelby.  So when setting up shooting for The Stagg Party on, I asked to shot the both together.  They both wear latex dress's and talked about how sweaty they were in the 90 degree LA July summer heat. The pics came out very sexy, of Shelby undressing Courtney.  

Featuring: Courtney, Shelby