Tuesday October 28, 2008

I had met Joanna thru Justine at dinner once in NYC at the Palms.  We had the most amazing meal there and Justine got the hook up thru Penthouse.  Joanna and I talked about shooting together.   We kept e-mailing and calling each other to shoot but we were either never in the same city at the same time or both so busy.  But when I got to go out to LA with IFC I had to squeeze Joanna in to shoot, knowing it would be great for the series.  

She told us she had a location for the shoot, so we showed up in this downtown office building.  We walked into a tattoo shop, where Joanna was getting her make up done while she was getting tattooed. I was so in shock how she could multi task so well, so intense.  

The tattoo shop was not my most favorite place to shoot in, it was too typical.  so I walked around this office building and found a weird hallway that lead to a big window. I thought the light was so beautiful, so thats were I shot her, check it out.  

Featuring: Joanna