Sunday January 10, 2010

Hey followers and fellow tweeters.  So here are the rules to the Twitter contest.  The contest ends Friday January 14th at 5pm and the winner will get a whole month FREE of  

To win you must Retweet aka RT all my postings about my photos.  NOT the TwitPics but the tweets about my work. You can RT when I talk about shooting a new girl, RT when I talk about, RT when I talk about my photos on any other sites like Mishka, Fleshbot, and I Think Thats Hot or even RT when ever I say "Photo".  

I will not count RT's about my cats, friends or me talking about anything that doesn't have to do with my photos and work.  So when I say RT PHOTOS, I'm not talking about TwitPics but my own art images.  

To win you have to have the MOST amount RT's from now till Friday the 14th at 5pm.  So don't stop Retweeting!! You can be the next winner of a free month membership of, the blog of all the hottest naked adult models out there!!!

For those of you who want to follow me on Twitter and need to find my page it is HERE

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