Monday October 6, 2008

Hey everyone, welcome to my new site.  I'm so excited about doing daily posts here in my new blog.  I'll be blogging Monday thru Friday here and on Tuesday"s and Friday's I'll be posting whole photo sets for Members of the site.  It's super exciting.  The site is very new and I'll be adding fun features to it as time goes on.  Like behind the scenes video and a store with all different stuff from T-shirts to calendars and prints will still be sold but thru my gallery FP Edge in SF.  


I'm starting off this site with a cute pic of Charlotte Stokley.  Plus, i have already uploaded a whole month of sets for your viewing pleasure. Also I'm probably going to head back to LA and SF in November to shoot more, but I also have some fun shoots planned here in NYC as well.  So stay tuned daily, and Thanks, Stagg*

Featuring: Charlotte