Thursday August 25, 2016

Two sexy women in the woods naked together?!?!? Nina and Ivory look so good together naked.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Tuesday August 23, 2016

London asked me if I was cool with her wearing her glasses. I love that naughty librarian look so of course I said yes.   So sexy.

Featuring: London
Monday August 22, 2016

I met Krista through some other ladies she worked with at Penthouse magazine.  Shooting her was always fun, worked with her for Playboy and my own work.  

Featuring: Krista
Friday August 19, 2016

I only got to shoot with Kimberly once, and got 4 amazing sets from her.  She was amazing to work with, and I love looking at these photos.  Its a short but very sweet set.  

Featuring: Kimberly
Thursday August 18, 2016

Ivory gives the best face, always a fierce wild child.  Climbing around in nature, not worrying about getting all dirty.  

Featuring: Ivory
Tuesday August 16, 2016

Shooting with London for 2 days was amazing.  We shot one full day inside and one outside.  This teaser image from our outside shoot.  She looks like she is part of the nature, natural and sexy.  

Featuring: London
Monday August 15, 2016

From one of our very first shoots, Jelena came to my hotel room when I was in LA for an other job.  This set she wears light green fishnets and heels with red lipstick, not much else.  Its super hot, and one of my favorites from us working together for over 10 year.  

Featuring: Jelena
Friday August 12, 2016

Her necklace might say bad, but she actually is a total sweetheart.  Nyssa has always been one of favorites.  Beautiful and fun, always down to do new things.  She was staying in the hotel room in Brooklyn and said we could shoot there.  It had this balcony that didn't have the best view, it was actually was a view of a brick wall.  But that brick wall gave just enough cover so she could get naked out there.  So much fun.  

Featuring: Nyssa
Thursday August 11, 2016

Ivory and I shot a bunch together a couple years ago and then we lost touch.  I have no idea why, but living in NYC people get busy.  So when Ivory wanted to work with me again of course I got super excited.  And this time around she brought Nina with her.  Two sexy ladies outside, what an amazing day to shoot.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Tuesday August 9, 2016

I drove all the way to Rochester from Brooklyn to shoot with London, and I stayed in this amazing apt in an old building.  When I first arrived I knew the sun would be going down soon, so London came over to shoot quickly before we lost the light.  And this light was amazing on her curvy beautiful body.  London poses like an old painting, working with her curves and the light.  So worth the trip.  

Featuring: London