Monday August 15, 2022

When Ava wanted to wear hot pink next to these pink Flowers I knew this set would be perfect. 

Featuring: Annie
Thursday August 11, 2022

We were hired to work at an at gallery for an opening party and make sexy photos live. Amanda and Marlo look like they are having so much fun!!

Featuring: Amanda, Marlo
Monday August 8, 2022

Don't you just want to jump into the water with Laura?  Go take a dip with her. 

Featuring: Laura
Thursday August 4, 2022

Marlo looks in a mirror and loves the way she looks in heels. 

Featuring: Marlo
Monday August 1, 2022

I have shoot with Mona before but it was only polaroids I have posted on my Tempted with even more hot polaroids coming.  But this set of her with the bikini and flowers is amazing.  You will love every photo!

Featuring: Mona
Thursday July 28, 2022

Zoli is so beautiful on this leopard couch rolling around, wait till you see her loose her panties.

Featuring: Zoli
Monday July 25, 2022

This set of Marlena is so fun as she shows off this corset and and silk vintage panties.  Its classic yet with a modern twist. 

Featuring: Marlena
Thursday July 21, 2022

I was so much fun shoot with Scarlett years ago in Philly.  She is adorable and fun. 

Featuring: Scarlett
Monday July 18, 2022

Connie looks so amazing on this red couch in black lingerie and you won't want to miss this set.

Featuring: Connie
Thursday July 14, 2022

Lily is so adorable and this set really shows off how amazing she is in this see thru dress. 

Featuring: Lily