Monday May 4, 2015

I just posted this video of Hazel from this set a couple weeks ago, you can see it HERE. I told you I would post this set soon, and here it is.  So many amazing pics of Hazel, you will not be disappointed.  Beautiful and classic.  

Featuring: Hazel
Friday May 1, 2015

Zoli and her super long socks, so sexy and girl next door. Zoli is always so much to shoot with.  

Featuring: Zoli
Thursday April 30, 2015

I met this model and Had to shoot her.  I tried some new stuff in a studio, including video, which I have to edit.  Here is the first shot on the site with Felix.  I can't wait to show you more. 

Featuring: Felix
Wednesday April 29, 2015

You have seen this set of Masuimi here, now watch the behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Masuimi
Tuesday April 28, 2015

I asked a friend of mine if she knew some great tattooed models and she introduced me to Le Petit Feu.  We shot outside and she looks like a cute fairy.  I had a blast working with this model.  More to come.  

Featuring: Le Petit Feu
Monday April 27, 2015

I had so much fun shooting with Justine and Evelyn.  Justine requested to model with Evelyn and I'm glad she came up with the idea.  They have great chemistry together and there are lots of smiles in this set.  Check it all out. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Justine
Friday April 24, 2015

Is is one hot set of Aurora, and the last one I shot of her.  She is like Tarzan's Jane in her leopard bikini outside. Sexy wild woman.  

Featuring: Aurora
Wednesday April 22, 2015

I had so much fun shooting with Hex and Anastassia and you can see in this behind the scenes video.  Watch it.  

Featuring: Anastassia, Hex
Monday April 20, 2015

Andre is such a fun model to work with and this set is just as much fun as the others.  Check out the whole fun shoot. 

Featuring: Andre
Friday April 17, 2015

Bella took me to this amazing waterfall in upstate Mass and she got in it to make these amazing photos.  So magical and fun.  

Featuring: Bella